At KU, I am teaching in both tracks – news & information and strategic communication. Before joining KU, I worked as a Lecturer in the Professional Communications Department  at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a renowned Australian university. I also taught reporting as a Teaching Assistant while working on my doctoral studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Class taught:

University of Kansas:

  • Mass Communication Theories (graduate)
  • International Strategic Communications
  • International Journalism
  • Informania (Information Management)
  • Media writing

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology:

  • Comms2492 – Communications: Debates and Approaches (All classes at RMIT, an Australian University, are taught in English)

Class assisted:

University of Texas at Austin:

  • J320-Intermediate Reporting.

United Nations International School in Hanoi (1999 -2004)

  • Trainer, Courses for foreign adult learners on various topics: Vietnam’s politics, culture, religion, and language.


  • Trainer, Empowering Young Journalist Project (funded by the United States Embassy in Hanoi – Summer 2012)

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